American Impressionist Paintings

Albert E. Smith
Albert E. Smith "Apple Blossoms"

Albert E. Smith
Connecticut Impressionist
"Apple Blossoms, May 9th, 1914"

Albert E. Smith (1862-1940) Biography from Tradewinds Fine Art: Albert E. Smith was born in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1862, and he died in Trumbull, Connecticut in 1940. He attended lower schools in Waterbury and went to Yale Art School in 1879, 1880 and 1881 and was a classmate of Frederic Remington. John Ferguson Weir was then head of Yale Art School. Albert Smith married in 1884, and moved to Bridgeport in 1890 or 91 where he worked as Assistant Sunday editor for the Bridgeport Herald. He moved to CosCob in 1901 and lived there until 1937 when he alternated between CosCob and Trumbull. He attended the Art Students League sometime around 1884. He was a member of the Salmagundi Club and did some commercial illustration but he continued to paint impressionistic landscapes. The influence of Weir and Twachtman who taught at CosCob is apparent in his work. A painting of what can only be two of Twachtman's daughters was part of Smiths estate when he died. Yale Art Museum has one of his works and he is also represented in the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport by a major painting of one of the circus lions. Smiths cloud paintings have been described as poetic, dreamy and inspirational. SOURCE: Al Goring from information provided by the artists' family


Richard Zolan
Richard Zolan "Summer Holiday"

Richard Zolan "Summer Holiday"

Albert E. Smith
Albert E. Smith "Haggar in the Wilderness"

Boston School Portrait
Boston School Portrait SOLD

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Albert E. Smith
Albert E. Smith "Sunset"

Antonio Cirino

Antonio Cirino (1888-1982)

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Antonio Cirino "The Trudger"


American Impressionist Paintings
American Impressionist / Woman in a Garden

American Impressionist Painting

James C. MaGee

"Girl in White"  SOLD

Bill Heffernan

William Heffernan "Cows on a Hillside" SOLD


Mabel Woodward
Mabel Woodward "Sunlight on the Dunes"